Line Up

We´re proud to present again first-class performers and instructors at the 6th Int. Polecamp in Bibione. Beside the On-Pole-Workshops there are also Off-Pole courses. These workshops are held outdoors (at the pool-terrace). During breaks feel free to enjoy the beach, use the pool or relax at the spa facilities of the hotel.

Kira Noire

Kira Noire (Russia)

Inspired by her coach, Kira started pole dancing in 2008. Although Kira has no education as a gymnast or professional dancer, within just 2 years she managed to teach with great passion for that sport at the Trash Poledance Studio in St. Petersburg. She also began to participate at the first competitions in Russia, then in Europe and now in the whole world. In 2014 she became a part of RAD polewear team as a brand ambassador. In 2015 she won the Int. Pole Championship in Hong Kong together with Evgeny Greshilov in the double category.

Status: CONFIRMED (Camp 2)

Britt Bloem

Britt Bloem (Netherlands/Austria)

Born in Holland, she made her first pole-experience on a pole dance course at the University of Holland and immediately fell in love with the pole. Now living in Innsbruck it is the best to pass on her love for Poledance and to share that love with many women! In addition to the Pole Theater World Final 2016 she won Pole Theater Ireland 2016 (Art) and the title Miss Pole Dance Austria three times in a row!

Status: CONFIRMED (Camp 1)

Bendy Kate (United Kingdom)

Bendy Kate is a woman of many talents. She is a contemporary and original performer specialising in pole, aerial, hand balancing and acrobatics. She makes sure every single performance is unique, different from the last and memorable leaving a long lasting impression on the audience. Asides from headlining at incredible events around the world she has won titles such as; World Pole Sport and Fitness Champion 2014, IPSF World Pole Sports Runner Up 2013 and UK Professional Pole Championships 2011, 2012 and 2013. On the other hand she is a passionate teacher; she uses her vast knowledge of the human body, her gymnastics background and experience to travel the world teaching masterclasses.

Status: CONFIRMED (Camp 2)

Doris Arnold

Doris Arnold (France)

Professor of pole dance, striptease, showgirl and athlete, Doris Arnold is also the creator of different teaching methods, training modules and course concepts (Only Sexy, SexyFit, Booty Chic, Pole like a stripper, Iron man...) With her sexy, glamor and sensual style, she stands out from pole dancers from around the world. Her signature : "Be strong, Be sexy, Have fun!" Due to the tremendous demand on Doris, she will join the Int. Polecamp already for the fifth time!

Status: CONFIRMED (Camp 1)

Julia Pengler

Julia Pengler (Germany)

The professional dancer was already on stage as a musical actress until she fell in love with poledance in 2008. She has many years of experience as a trainer, is the founder and owner of "Pole your Body " in Hamburg and since November 2017 Pole Art Semi Pro & Overall Winner of the first Pole Theater Germany. Julia's style is incredibly precise, ranging from Lyrical to Classy Sexy. She is an absolute sunshine and her lessons are easy to follow.

Status: CONFIRMED (XXL-Camp)


Rimma Banina & Kristina Markstetter, twerXout® (Germany)

Rimma already worked as a trainer in Russia, led various courses and gained a lot of experience at recognized gyms. Today she gives dance classes in high heels, dancehall and Twerk. Kristina is a trained industrial clerk and a trained dancer. Her dance style is Contemporary, Street Jazz and Twerk. The fleeting idea of developing a fitness program from the often ridiculed twerking arose spontaneously during joint training. Kristina and Rimma exhausted themselves and found that Twerking is more exhausting than many fitness classes. Together they developed the dance fitness program twerXout®.

Status: CONFIRMED (XXL-Camp)

Julia Maschek

Julia Maschek (Austria)

Since 2011 she has been conducting pole dance and opened her own studio "Pole Factory" in 2013. Julia's first big appearance was in the category "Semi-Pro" at "Miss Pole Dance Austria 2014". At the Austrian Championships she won the first place "Semi-Pro" and qualified at the "Pros". International she made it twice to the Pole Theater. Julia loves to make difficult tricks look easy.

Status: CONFIRMED (Camp 2)

Sandra Jung (Germany)

Before I started Poledance 2009, I wasn‘t deedless: 5 years of competitive dancing, 6 years rock’n’roll, 10 years partneracrobatics and a study in sports helped me that I came quick forward on the Pole. I teach since 2012 and 2 years after I did my first competition by IPSF Germany. I won the first place at the Professionals, and one year after also at the Elite. 2015 and 2016 I attend the world championship in London, 2016 I turn up in the Final and now I´m on the 13th place of the world ranking. Winner of Elite 2018. Often I abut on my own limits while poledancing, but sometimes you need more patience and tenacity, to push the limit a little bit higher. So let us be tenacious together and don’t forget fun!

Status: CONFIRMED (Camp 1)

Anna Pichler

Anna Pichler (Austria)

As a child she discovered the two great loves of her life. On the one hand the love of music and on the other the love of sport. After she likes to be a little bit more "wild", she runs judo, Tae Bo, snowboarding or cross-country skiing with her enduro. At some point, dance (ballet, hip-hop and jazz) became an integral part of her life. In these areas, she has already achieved numerous successes with her competition group (several national champion and European champion titles, as well as a 5th place in the World Cup). At the end of 2011, she devoted herself intensively to the pole.

Status: CONFIRMED (XXL-Camp)

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