Line Up

We´re proud to present again first-class performers and instructors at the 9th Int. Polecamp in Bibione. Beside the On-Pole-Workshops there are also Off-Pole courses. These workshops are held outdoors (at the pool-terrace). During breaks feel free to enjoy the beach, use the pool or relax at the spa facilities of the hotel.

A first part of our line-up will be published here at the beginning of summer 2021 ! To get an idea about our instructors at Int. Polecamp, here are some of the well known names who already joined our event in the past:

  • Evgeny Greshilov

  • Kira Noire

  • Anastasia Skukhtorova

  • Bendy Kate

  • Pink Puma

  • Doris Arnold

  • Yvonne Smink

  • Ruzenka Kunstyrova

  • Jazzy K.

  • Alex Shukin

  • Britt Bloem

  • Olga Spezia

  • Louise Wawrzynska

  • Vladimir Karachunov

  • Slava Popov

  • Julia Pengler

  • and many more

Natasha Wang is considered one of the icons of pole. Known for her graceful and emotive style, Natasha travels the globe as an in-demand teacher, performer and competition judge. Natasha has won numerous competition titles, including IPC Pole Art Champion (2018), IPC Ultimate Champion (2013) and US Pole Dance Champion (2011). She teaches live and virtual classes through BeSpun in Los Angeles and her own personal platform Poletica Movement. Natasha is a 260-hour Registered Yoga Teacher in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Yin, an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and is certified by X-Pert, elevatED in Pole & Flexibility, Floor Flow, Pole Moves, Vertical Art Athletics and Liquid Motion. She is an ambassador for X-Pole and MilaKrasna.

Status: CONFIRMED (Camp 1)

Natasha Wang


Kira started pole dancing in 2008. She doesn’t have any professional dance or sport background, but she has a huge passion to pole dancing. Kira had 9 years of Music School in childhood what explains her love to musicality. After 2 years of practicing she started to teach, then compete in Russia, then in Europe and then in the world. Kira has a big experience in Pole Sport, Pole Art, Pole Doubles, Pole Contemporary, Exotic Pole Dance and non pole dance styles. Since 2012 she has been travelling the world, teaching workshops, judging competitions and performing in different dance-circus shows. Her brightest awards: Winner of Pole Classic 2016 by the Pole Expo, Las Vegas; Ultimate Champion of the International Pole Championship IPC 2015 in Doubles, Hong Kong and many more.

Status: CONFIRMED (Camp 2)

Kira Noire


Daniel Rosen is the very proud owner of IFA Pole and Aerial in Hemel Hempstead and his online pole school The Pole Destroyers. Dan has been turning himself upside down and spinning round a pole since 2008 and hasn’t looked back since. As the current holder of one international and 15 UK championship titles, Dan is a veritable fountain of pole-related knowledge. There's nothing he doesn't know about spins, tricks and getting flexible. Dan created his instagram character Susan which has helped open a forum for students/ teachers to enjoy all the funny and hilarious things we do as students and teachers within the pole community while adding a fun and light hearted aspect to it. As well as this Dan also travels extensively teaching workshops right across the UK. He is very well known for his friendly, easy-to-understand teaching techniques and is famous for his signature tricks masterclass where you can achieve tricks you didn't think were possible. Dan has no previous gymnastics, ballet or any kind of dance training and is living proof that you don't have to be a gymnast to be a good pole dancer.

Status: CONFIRMED (Camp 2)

Dan Rosen

Great Britain

Professor of pole dance, striptease, showgirl and athlete, Doris Arnold is also the creator of different teaching methods, training modules and course concepts (Only Sexy, SexyFit, Booty Chic, Pole like a stripper, Iron man...) With her sexy, glamor and sensual style, she stands out from pole dancers from around the world. Her signature : "Be strong, Be sexy, Have fun!" Due to the tremendous demand on Doris, she will join the Int. Polecamp again!

Status: CONFIRMED (Camp 1)

Doris Arnold


Jazzy K is based in Zurich, Switzerland and is teaching Pole for over 10 years. She is known for her ability to explain and break down even the most complicated move and her passion to make everyone enjoy her classes. Her favorite style and expertise lies in heels-based pole dance which she teaches internationally. She also competed and judged in competitions and shows all over the world. Jazzy is super excited to dance with everyone at the Int. Pole Camp soon!

Status: CONFIRMED (Camp 1)

Jazzy K


Lea started at the age of 6 with ballet, rhythmic gymnastics and later jazz, modern dance and hip hop. From 2006 Lea was active for 5 years as a cheer dancer for football and basketball. After graduating from high school, Lea completed a dual degree in fitness training, then dance training at the academy "Art Revolution". In 2014 she decided to take part in some Bodybuilding competions in the bikini and figure class. In the year of 2011 Lea started Poledancing by self teaching. Since 2013 she is teaching at Pole and Move Mannheim. Her first poledance competition was in the year of 2015. By now she is German Polesport Champion in the highest "Elite" category for the fourth time. In addition, she successfully participated in numerous other national and international competitions and has also sat on the jury several times at pole dance championships. Poledance is her absolute passion and for Lea the perfect mixture of strength, flexibility, dance and aesthetics. "It's all about passion"

Status: CONFIRMED (XXL Camp)

Lea Roth


Alessandra's gymnastics career began in artistic gymnastics when she was five years old. At ten she fell in love with classical dance. At the age of 25 she started with aerobic competitions and became vice champion (2007-2008) in Italy with her husband and in 2009 they reached 7th place at the Suzuki World Championship in Tokyo (Japan). At the age of 35 she started with pole dancing. Since then she has won numerous competitions (including the World Pole Dance Championship in Belfast 2019).

Status: CONFIRMED (Camp 2)

Alessandra Marchetti


Yevgeniya is the owner of YS Pole Fitness Studios in Zurich, Baden and Brugg, Pole Fitness Instructor SAFS with diplom, choreographer and was trained by Elena Gibson (best pole instructor worldwide 2010). She is also two times Swiss Champion and finalist of the TV show Supertalent Germany 2010. After 10 years of experience in Pole Fitness teaching and 9 years of self-employment, she still has more fun with "poledancing"! Her students feel comfortable at the training and reach their individual goals very quickly due to clean technique and good explanations. "Now I have the great privilege to teach at Polecamp in Bibione and I look forward to every encounter."

Status: CONFIRMED (XXL Camp)

Yevgeniya Güner


Carlotta fell in love with pole dancing in 2014, starting training every day and studying all different styles of this sport; in few years, she became instructor and international judge, judging two Pole Sport World Championships, in Miami and in Finland, in addition to several national championships. In 2018 she opened Extreme Pole Studio in Parma, where she teaches some advanced group classes and prepares athletes for competitions. In 2019 she won the Italian Cup in Élite category. She is deeply rooted in pole sport, but her style combines the trick with original transition, ranging between spin and static, dynamic and flow, strength and flexibility.

Status: CONFIRMED (Camp 1)

Carlotta Lenzi


Hello, my name is Lis :) I am 26 years old and live the role of coach with body and soul. I love to create novelties so that I can pass them on to my polerinas. I work on my goals every day and my ambition really fires me on. I prefer to train powerful tricks on the spinning pole, as well as floorwork and flips on the static. But I also love dancing, especially in sneakers and overknees. Latino, Hip Hop and Contemporary make my dancing heart beat faster! I love to teach and to experience challenges and successes with my polerinas.

Status: CONFIRMED (Camp 2)

Lis Perschel


She already discovered the two great loves of her life in her childhood. On the one hand the love to the music and on the other hand the love to sports. After she likes to be away a little "more wildly", too, she does judo, Tae Bo, rides snowboard or drives with her Enduro crossways. Anywhen the dance (ballet, hip Hop and jazz) has intensively devoted to the integral part of her life and since 2011 devoted "herself to the pole".

Status: CONFIRMED (XXL Camp)

Anna Pichler


Anamaria is passionate about pole and has been pole dancing since 2013, when she discovered this form of sport during her time in Italy. Pole dancer, teacher and performer, she is the owner and only trainer of Pole Dance Rosenheim – Delía Studio, since 2015. In order to grow her teaching technique, she did more than 6 different formation courses, for pole dance, floorflow, pole kids, twerking, as well as judging competitions for Adults and Juniors in Italy. Started competing last year in Italian Pole Dance Contest, winning the second place for Best Technique in Professional Category. Passionate about clean lines, pointed toes and beautiful flow transitions.

Status: CONFIRMED (Camp 2)

Anamaria Bozga


With the speech "Why Plan B is doomed to fail > ALL IN!" by Chris Steiner, an absolute highlight awaits you at Polecamp 2021.
In 2012, Chris Steiner was the youngest winner of the "Entrepreneur of the Year" award. With Lifestyle Ladies he founded one of the largest women's studio chains in Europe. Implemented countless business projects and with 25 years, generated 100 million euros in sales. As a 2-time fitness 10-fight world champion (2008, 2012), he knows what it means to bring full commitment - every day for his partners and customers. During his presentation he will show how YOU can do it. Take the opportunity to learn how Chris Steiner opened over 144 studios in 5 nations in just 5 years and helped over 100,000 people on their way to a fitter and more vital life. - ALL IN.

Status: CONFIRMED (Camp 2)

Chris Steiner


Even if it was again anything but easy this year due to Corona, we are proud to present a great line-up for the International Polecamp 2021 after intensive efforts.

Top performers and instructors