How can I register for “International Polecamp”?

The simplest and cheapest option is online registration via the registration menu item. Of course you can also register via fax or email to For registration via phone, fax or email we will charge a handling fee of EUR 20,00. After registration you will receive an invoice in PDF format attached to an email. The amount due has to be paid within 7 days of the date of invoice.

Why all this information on registration?

To guarantee a smooth and fast check-in at the location we need to know details also the date of birth, place of birth as well as passport number and place of issue aside from a participant’s name and complete address. This guarantees that you get your room and entry pass (control bracelet) without waiting time.

Into which levels are the workshops devided up?

There will be workshops for beginner, intermediate, advanced and workshops "for all". Beside on-pole we offer of course also off-pole Workshops. Find the qualifications you should bring for each level right here.

Do I have to book the individual workshops in advance?

To provide participants also a certain flexibility, all workshops can be visited without an appointment or booking. If there will be too many participants in a workshop, we close that workshop and it applies the principle of "first come - first serve"! If one of your "wish-workshops" is already full, you have the option to visit one of the other workshops (within your group) - offered at the same time - in any case.

What for is the classification in "group A" and "group B"?

For each camp we divide the participants in two groups, which guarantees nearly the same number of participants in each group. At the same time, (nearly) each on-pole workshop is offered twice, to ensure that there will be not more than 2 participants per pole. For this reason, please note at the same time of your online booking, if you would like to be "group A" or "group B". If one of the groups is fully booked, the organizer can change your selected group on his own, to have nearly the same number of participants in each group. If you didn´t mention a group at the time of your booking, the classification will be done by the organizer.

What equipment is used at Int. Polecamp?

We offer our participants only professional equipment! More than 50 poles - X-Pole XPERT (in chrome, 45 mm) - are in use, which are suitable for static as well as for spinning. For the acrobatic workshops 4 CCLIFE gymnastic mats with 300x120 cm each and a thickness of 5 cm are available. However, due to the conditions we cannot offer mirrors in the workshop locations!

Do you also offer workshops in aerial-hoop?

Yes! 8 hoops (4x single point and 4x dual point) are at your disposal in a separate location. All hoops have a diameter of 100 cm and are NOT taped for hygienic reasons. Accessories for all hoops are straps, daisy chains, a swivel and sufficient carabiners.

Are male participants also welcome at Int. Polecamp?

Short and crisp - YES! We are also happy about male pole dancers!

How to get to the Polecamp?

Travel to the Polecamp takes place for all participants on their own. Here are some tips for you: If you come by plane, Venice (airports: Marco Polo or Treviso) is the closest airport. Cheap flights from many European cities are available at,, and others. Alternatively you can take the bus to Venice (e.g. If you arrive by train, Latisana is the nearest train station to Bibione.

From Venice airport (Marco Polo) there is public transport to Bibione (even if the connections are not the best). Here are some helpful links: ATVO, Bibione Express Service, Rome2Rio. A transfer can also be booked in advance - e.g. with FoxTransfer.

Another cheap alternative from the airport to the hotel is a rental car. We recommend to book a car in advance - for example on Driveboo or Check24. If you come directly to Bibione by car, you can park your rental car or your private car free of charge in the hotel underground car park.

What is included in the package?

“International Polecamp” is an event where (nearly) everything is included. From accommodation with full board to workshops and shownight also anti-alcoholic drinks from the suspensing system in the dining room at lunch and dinner! Catering begins with dinner on the day of arrival. If you would like to have lunch at the hotel on that day, you have to pay for it extra! You can find details on what is included in the registration section.

Can I extend my stay in Bibione?

You can, of course! If you would like to book one or more additional nights before and/or after the event please let us know on the booking under the appropriate item. If you book additional nights through us you will pay a lower rate than the hotel would charge.

Can I also join the polecamp with an escort person not participating in the workshops?

Of course! You only need to select the corresponding ticket "NON-POLER" for this accompanying person as a package within the booking. Your partner will get a reduced price which includes the accomadation, food and shownight. No workshops may be visited! No visitors allowed during the workshops!

Is it possible to to book alone and share the room with anybody?

If you wouldn´t like to pay the single room surcharge you could register as a solo-participant. In this case you share your room with 1 to 3 other polers and you only pay the price for a half double.

What is the weather like in Bibione in September?

Bibione offers even in September, a pleasant climate with daytime highs of up to 24 ° and a water temperature of about 23 °.

When should I register?

Basically, the earlier the better! Firstly, you can enjoy the discounted rates for early birds and secondly, you secure your spot at “International Polecamp” in good time when registering early. The demand has risen a lot in the past years and although we have a big contingent of rooms in the hotel again, capacity is not unlimited. Therefore – register in time!

How and when to pay the Polecamp?

For each booking, the first subscriber is also the invoice recipient and gets within a few days after booking an invoice by e-mail. The total amount of the invoice is then to be paid within 7 days without deduction to the mentioned on the invoice.

What additional costs should I budget for the Polecamp?

In our "all inclusive price" all workshops, parties, hotel room, full board and even drinks (soft drinks) during lunch and dinner are already included. So you just need to calculate personal expenses, like maybe the one or another drink and maybe a "shopping trip" in Bibione.

Can I take my own drinks to the party?

In consultation with the hotel, it is now possible to bring your own drinks (water) to the workshops during the day!
Because it is not an apartment complex but a first-class hotel you are not allowed to take your own drinks to the parties, no exceptions! We ask you to please honour this request made by the hotel unconditionally!

Why is quite often the organizer photographing and filming?

This has a very simple reason. We just want to show all pole-fans what awaits them at our Polecamp. The goal is not to make pictures or a film of perfekt pole tricks, but simply to the show the general mood, the locations etc. We request for your understanding that therefore it´s nessecary that our photographer and/or cameraman will have a look at the workshops to document the event.

When will the workshop schedule be online?

This is built in part on the basis of subscriber registrations in the different levels and therefore we present you the schedule approximately 4 weeks before the Polecamp starts.

What is the nature of the workshop premises?

The Pole Camp is held in a hotel and for this reason the workshop premises are not natural with a classic pole dance studio comparable. In the venues there are partly tiled or stone floors, but also PVC and many rooms will be "misused" for our event. We therefore recommend our participants to adjust to it and to see the weekend in Bibione what it is: "A holiday weekend with other pole-fans in an excellent **** hotel and the opportunity to visit many on-and off-Pole workshops there"!

What do I need to bring myself to the PoleCamp?

In addition to good humor, good physical condition and lots of fun you just have to bring your own exercise mat and Grip aids as well as 2 yoga-blocks (if possible) for stretching and acrobatics on your own to Bibione. As we made the experience that our participants prefer to use their own resources, they are not provided at the Pole Camp

What happens in the event that I have to cancel?

Depending on when you cancel your booking, you have to pay cancellation charges. You can find them under the Terms and Conditions. To avoid that you have to pay those fees on your own when you have to cancel due to reasons of health, we strongly recommend a cancellation insurance (completed at the time of booking). For more information ask your insurance advisor, travel agency or check out online at various insurance companies!

What do you mean with "XXL-Camp"?

Our XXL-Polecamp is a combination of "Camp 1" and "Camp 2" and includes 2 additional nights (with full board) in between those two dates. So in total you stay 8 nights in Bibione and join 2 Polecamps within that week for a special price! Some workshops are offered at both camps (1 and 2), but the majority of the workshops are different at camp 1 and camp 2 and therefore our XXL camp is just right for everyone who wants to take the maximum of new tricks and moves.

What needs to be considered with regard to Corona / COVID-19?

As the situation is constantly changing internationally, you will find current information about COVID-19 and possible effects on our event on the page especially created for this purpose.

Basically, we would like to point out that with our "money-back guarantee" in combination with a travel cancellation insurance (optional) you actually do NOT take any risk with your booking! The fact that we already successfully carried out our last event in autumn 2020 with a comprehensive hygiene and prevention concept and without a single case of corona has also proven that dance events (under appropriate conditions and measures) are a "corona-safe" leisure activity.
To guarantee 100% hygiene and protection for each individual, this year we provide disinfectants in all rooms. Poles and hoops must always be cleaned/disinfected by each participant in EACH workshop BEFORE use!

Questions & Answers about Int. Polecamp