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XXL Camp

To fully complete your booking, personalize the tickets you have booked/purchased in this final step!

Sep 28, 2024, 2:30 PM – Oct 06, 2024, 2:30 PM

Bibione, Via Taigete, 20, 30020 Bibione VE, Italien


Depending on which room category you have booked, the corresponding number of tickets booked must be selected here and then personalised. For example, if you have booked a double room (i.e. for 2 people), select "Double room" under ticket type and "2" under quantity.


ATTENTION: This process can only be carried out ONCE per order number (according to the "Summary of your order"). Therefore, please ensure that all data is entered correctly! After you have already made your booking in the ticket shop and only the tickets themselves are generated here, there are of course no further costs, and therefore the tickets are displayed with a price of "zero".

Paket / Package

  • Single

    If you have booked a single room, select ticket “1” under number.

  • Double

    If you have booked a double room, select “2” tickets here.

  • 3 bed

    If you have booked a triple room, select “3” tickets here.

  • 4 bed

    If you have booked a four-bed room, select “4” tickets here.

  • Shared room

    If you have booked as a shared room, select “1” ticket under number.




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