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Even if it was anything but easy this year due to Corona, we are proud to present a great line-up for the International Polecamp 2020 after intensive efforts.

Bénédicte Rinaldi (France)

Bénédicte comes from gymnastics, which she practised for 12 years in competition at national level. Her speciality was a combination of floor, acrobatics and dance. After her engineering studies, she practised other sports such as climbing as a hobby. It is the mixture of strength and grace that she liked to find in the pole, which started in 2012. She especially appreciates the figures and the combinations that allow her to use the impulses. She is French IPSF winner, as well as Pole Theatre Paris winner in the Drama category and overall winner (highest score in all categories).

Status: CONFIRMED (Camp 2)

Dimitry Politov (Russia)

Dimitry started pole in 2012 by training outside without pole studio and without coach. His background is break dancing and parkour. Since that time he won 5 international pole art championships and 8 World pole sport championships! Took part in many TV shows, worked in Cirque du Soleil as solo artist, judged and taught pole in 45 different countries.  

Status: CONFIRMED (Camp 2)

Alessandra Marchetti (Italy)

Alessandra's gymnastics career began in artistic gymnastics when she was five years old. At ten she fell in love with classical dance. At the age of 25 she started with aerobic competitions and became vice champion (2007-2008) in Italy with her husband and in 2009 they reached 7th place at the Suzuki World Championship in Tokyo (Japan). At the age of 35 she started with pole dancing. Since then she has won numerous competitions (including the World Pole Dance Championship in Belfast 2019).

Status: CONFIRMED (Camp 2)

Doris Arnold (France)

Professor of pole dance, striptease, showgirl and athlete, Doris Arnold is also the creator of different teaching methods, training modules and course concepts (Only Sexy, SexyFit, Booty Chic, Pole like a stripper, Iron man...) With her sexy, glamor and sensual style, she stands out from pole dancers from around the world. Her signature : "Be strong, Be sexy, Have fun!" Due to the tremendous demand on Doris, she will join the Int. Polecamp again!

Status: CONFIRMED (Camp 2)

Julia Pengler (Germany)

After more than 25 years dancing in exercise room and as a musical performer on stage, Julia touched for the first time a Pole in 2008 and felt in love with that sport in this second. Since then, not a day has passed without any training or at least without thinking about the next training. To express oneself in this dance form, thereby being able to totally exploit, is her perfect stimulation to work on herself and the incredible number of combinations. Julia is working as pole instructor for many years and runs her own polestudio POLE your BODY in Hamburg since 2014.

Status: CONFIRMED (Camp 2)

Gloria Flight (Austria)

After obtaining her diploma in musical theatre, she experienced aerial for the first time 2014 during a dancer´s contract. From that point on she was obsessed with flying and dedicated herself to Aerial Arts. Then followed two years of working as an Aerial Artist and Musical Performer onboard a cruise ship, several productions in Germany, performances in Ireland and India. Her love and passion lies with the circus disciplines; particularly Aerial Hoop, Aerial Silk & Sling and Flying Pole. Through Pole Dancing she has discovered a sexy, feminine and sensual side that allows her to get out of her comfort zone. She is looking forward teaching at the International Pole Camp, sharing her passion in the air and helping others empower themselves through pole.

Status: CONFIRMED (Camp 2)

Birgit Fischer (Austria)

Birgit Fischer is a sports physiotherapist and aerial yoga teacher with a passion for contemporary circus, especially for aerial arts, handstands and hula hoop. 5 years ago in Berlin she discovered her previously unrecognized passion for floating in the air. Besides her work there was only one thought → “When and where is the aerial training!? "As for this particular type of sport a healthy and well oiled musculoskeletal system is very important she values an holistic training. In her aerial Yoga units, all fascia in the body is stretched and loosened up, which can be very beneficial after an intensive training on the pole. Within the flow of breath one can discover the infinte movement possibilites of your body. Her yoga flow and handstand sessions include elements from Pilates and Contemporary Dance.

Status: INVITED (Camp 2)

Nicole Blum-Pedrazza (Austria)

When I was younger, ballet, jazz dance and gymnastics were among my favourite activities. However, seven years ago I found my passion for pole dance and since 2015 I have my own pole dance studio in Vorarlberg, Austria where I am not only teaching pole dance, but also Aerial Hoop, stretch classes and more. My greatest passion is teaching. Seeing my students getting better and helping them with their goals is what makes me happy. A mix of aesthetic, flexibility and dynamic on the spinning pole characterize my style. Unfortunately, there is not enough time for me, to prepare myself for competitions. Still, I was able to gain some experiences at small shows like the Christmas show “One night with Mozart” and performances at the Gymnaestrada in 2019. 

Status: CONFIRMED (Camp 2)

We reserve the right to change program and/or line-up at any time!