On-Pole and Off-Pole Workshops

You can expect interesting and top-class workshops an we will offer you a program with something for everybody.

You´ll find the detailed workshop schedule about one month before the event starts right here!


We do have different levels for all our workhops (download list and description of all workshops here) and offer something for  beginner, intermediate and advanced Poledancers. In addition to those levels we do have workshops "for all", which are for every level! You should bring the following qualification for each level:

For people who just tried and completed a poledance beginner lesson with no inversion (no upside down).

all invertions from ground, basic invertions on air, shoulder mount from ground, batman (basic handspring), headstand, spins with the fixed pole and some spinning pole notions

Intermediat level plus handspring twisty grip and cup grip (good control), Iron X easily, shoulder mount on air, aisha, spinning (use the spinning pole), confidence in pole combos

Important information about your visit of the individual workshops:
To provide participants also a certain flexibility, all workshops can be visited without an appointment or booking. If there will be too many participants in a workshop, we close that workshop and it applies the principle of "first come - first serve". If one of your "wish-workshops" is already full, you have the option to visit one of the other workshops - offered at the same time - in any case.

Only the group assignment (group "A" or "B") must be respected. At your registration prozess you´ve had the opportunity to sign up for a particular group. All who did not decide for a special group have been divided by the organizer. Please understand that no more changes are possible at this time!

Camp 1

Workshops CAMP 1 - click to open as PDF!

Workshop schedule Camp 1 PDF download
Description of all offered workshops PDF download

Camp 2

Workshops CAMP 2 - click to open as PDF!

Workshop schedule Camp 2 PDF download
Description of all offered workshops PDF download