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As a Polestudio, you are sure to have one or two promotional items for your customers. A ballpoint pen, a pad, or one of the many other "classics".


But how about a really meaningful, high-quality and 100% suitable gift?


As the organizer of the Int. Polecamps we have also been running an advertising agency for almost 25 years and today we are able to introduce you to something very special. A "2 in 1" combination of disinfectant and cleaner for poles & hoops.


This fast-acting, liquid and alcohol-free disinfectant has a broad spectrum of bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal effects and does not contain any added perfumes or dyes. The ready-to-use solution is suitable for hygienic hand and skin disinfection and at the same time for cleaning and effective disinfection of surfaces (poles and hoops).

PET bottle 100 ml white with spray atomizer pump including:

The perfect promotional gift for your customers

Hand disinfection & Pole cleaner

  • Filling of the combination agent

  • graphic design of the label

  • 4c digital printing of the labels

  • Packing / labeling

  • from EUR 2.79  per piece (at 400 pieces) *

  • with instructions for use, ingredients, etc.

  • your CI colors, logo, studio address

Info folder (leaflet) in your studio design:

Additional packing:

  • Organza bags

  • Packing box

* Price exclusive of VAT, plus shipping costs

If you are interested in this promotional item, please fill out the form below and we will be happy to make you an offer.

Thank you for your inquiry! You will receive an email from us shortly.

Your very own giveaway or a sales item (for all particularly business-minded people)


  • with individual graphic design of the article

  • Label printing or direct screen printing on the bottle

  • PET bottles made of high quality PE-HD material with an atomizer pump

  • Selection of the desired volume between 50 ml and 200 ml

  • Filling and label service (packaging)

  • Subsequent delivery of the combination agent for refilling


Due to the multitude of possible combinations (number, type, color and volume of the bottle, label or print, assembly, packaging, etc.) we present an example here.

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