COVID-19 Infos

100% money-back-guarantee

Currently it is a true challenge for everybody if you need to plan ahead. We know that some of you are hesitating to book for an event coming up in a couple of months. Due to the current pandemic (COVID-19) we have decided to launch a "money-back-guarantee" for all vaccinated and recovered people, which will give you a maximum of security in this uncertain times. 

So what happens to your booking and payment in case COVID-19 makes it impossible to hold or attend the event? With this in mind we have revised our cancellation and refund policy for particular scenarios:

1. The event cannot take place because the authorities in Bibione (or Italy) deny persmission
If you have registered for the event and it cannot take place because the authorities in Bibione/Italy prohibit it at the time of the event, 100% of the amount paid will be refunded to your account within 14 days of the official cancellation by the organizer!

Alternatively, you can have your booking transferred to a possible alternative date 2022 or, if such an alternative date is not offered, to the event in fall 2023. In this case you have a price guarantee (even in case of an event price increase there will be no further costs) and you will also receive a voucher for the hotel (e.g. for drinks) worth EUR 15,-.

2. Travel warnings
If you are unable to travel because your country of origin has issued a travel warning for Italy, and in particular for the Veneto region including the time of the event and resulting in a mandatory quarantine (for vaccinated and recovered people) at your return and you can not travel because of this travel warnings, you will be refunded 70% of the invoice amount paid within 14 days plus a voucher valid for 2 years for the remaining 30% of the invoice amount.

3. Change of name / Selling your pass to another person
You can sell your ticket to another person (name change) at any time up to 7 days before the event begins. A change of name up to 7 days before the start of the event is free of charge! In order to make a name change you need to send an e-mail with all the details (according to the booking form) of the new participant(s).

4. Cancellations for personal reasons
We will keep our No Refund policy as well as the cancellation fees mentioned in our terms and conditions for all other cases, in particular if you decide to cancel for personal reasons of any nature. We therefore strongly recommend that you take out additional travel cancellation insurance (see FAQ), which would cover any cancellation costs, e.g. due to illness (of a participant).

Condition of participation

In order to participate in the event, you agree - for the protection of all - to the following mandatory COVID-19 framework conditions:

  • The 3G access rule applies to participation in the event, and this will be verified using the Green Pass verification web app ( Proof at our event check-in can be provided (via Green Passport or in the form of a printout of the QR code) as follows:

    • VACCINATED: Proof of second or booster vaccination having taken place (whereby the last vaccination must not have taken place more than 6 months ago).

    • RECOVERED: in case of effected and currently expired infection registered in the green passport (which must not be longer than 6 months ago)

    • TESTED: negative PCR test (max. 72 hours old) or antigen text (max. 48 hours) - issued by official testing center! Self-tests are not accepted.

  • For entry into Italy, electronic pre-registration of travel via the digital Passenger Localization Form (dPLF) is not required any more since 1st May, 2022.

  • Also from the beginning of May 2022 you do not have to wear a mask in the hotel anymore.

  • If you have the slightest suspicion of infection within the last 14 days, if you feel ill or if you have had contact with a (potentially) infected person, please stay at home (in this case your travel cancellation insurance should cover the cancellation costs).

  • You agree to be contacted in case of need to be traced by authorities.

  • You will follow the instructions of the staff of the Bibione Palace Hotel and the organizer TKM Eventmanagement KG.

  • By entering a workshop location each participant has to disinfect his training equipment (pole, hoop, etc.) by himself. Desinfecting the pole/hoop before starting and participating a workshop is mandatory! Disinfectant will be provided by the organizer.

Please note  In your own interest, also the current information from your home country  (e.g.  AustriaGermany, Switzerland), which apply to Italy in connection with COVID-19.


Further information can be found on the website of the Italian Tourist Board.

Update from May 13th, 2022  (subject to change at any time!)