Important information for participants

Please read this carefully, as it contains important information for all registered participants of your pole-weekend. Also please re-check this info for any updates one day prior your departure!

(Almost) everything is included at the International PoleCamp. Aside from accommodation in the 4-star Hotel Bibione Palace, full board and all workshops all participants also receive non-alcoholic drinks like water, lemonade and Coke from the self-serving bar with your meals (lunch and dinner) FOR FREE. Other drinks as well as alcoholic drinks have to be paid for. Full board starts on the first day with dinner and ends on the last day of the event with lunch.

“International PoleCamp” is going to be held at Bibione Palace Suite Hotel, Via Taigete, 20, 30020 Bibione (VE), ITALY. You can find a route planner here.

MEET & GREET (first day at 2:45 pm)

We do organize a "Meet & Greet" on the pool terrace on your arrival day at 2:45 pm. We introduce ourselves, inform you personally about the course of the weekend and answer your questions.

When you arrive at the hotel (you can park in the underground car park for free) please go directly to our “International PoleCamp” Check-In (TKM), which is located to the left of the entrance in the hotel lobby and is open from 11 am to 3 pm. There you will get some more information and your admission wristband. Only then collect the keys for the rooms at the hotel’s reception desk (otherwise the receptionist will just send you to us anyway). Unfortunately, because we are registered with the hotel as a group it is not possible to make any changes to room bookings. All participants who arrive after 3 pm will receive the above-mentioned documents directly at the hotel’s reception desk.

If you don’t check in on the first day of the event by 6 pm this will be classified as “no-show” (100% cancellation fee) and you automatically forfeit your room for the duration of your stay! In case of a late arrival please make sure that you notify us latest 3 days in advance via email!

Participants who booked an extension night before the event and arrive earlier are asked to check in directly at the hotel reception and will receive the room keys from them. In addition, you also have to check in with TKM (for the event) on the first day of the event between 11 am and 3 pm! There you will receive more information and your admission wristband.


You will receive a printed workshop program from us at check-in at the venue. All workshops can be visited without an appointment according to the principle „first come - first serve“. If there are too many participants in a workshop, we close it due to safety reasons, but of course you can switch to another workshop.
Only the group assignment (group "A=pink" or "B=blue") must be respected. Please notice that groups cannot be changed any more!

Please bring exercise mat and grip aids on your own to Bibione! As we made the experience that our participants prefer to use their own resources, they are not provided at the Pole Camp!
Our instructors also recommend to bring 2 yoga blocks (if possible) and a (yoga)mat on your own to Bibione, because it is required for stretching and acrobatics!

Your safety is very important to us. Therefore, we do everything necessary to ensure this. Nevertheless, EACH individual participant is responsible on his own to control and check "his" pole before the workshop starts. Participation of all workshops is on your own risk! TKM cannot be held responsible for any injuries!

Because it is not an apartment complex but a first-class hotel you are not allowed to take your own drinks to the hotel! We ask you to please honour this request made by the hotel unconditionally!

You can use your room on Sunday until 5 pm if you like. But you have to return the keys to reception and check out at 5 pm at the latest. If you join an additional night after the event, you have to check-out until 10 am.

During the event we make a lot of pictures and a film for our website and Facebook, too. If someone does not like to be on photo or film, we kindly ask you just to „go out of the picture“! :-)
Please appear in time for our this years group-picture. You´ll find more information on our info-sheet which you´ll get at the check-in!

If you have registered for a Pole-Shooting you´ll get the detailed informations right at the check-in when you arrive!

Due to multiple requests and the great experience from the last year, we again allow male poledancers at the Polecamp. 

In an emergency you can reach us (only between 21st and 30th September, 2018) under the following phone number: +43/664/2224888. Because we travel to Bibione already on 21st September for the last preparations, we only check our emails in between.


All information above is subject to changes at any time.
(9th September 2018)