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I hereby place a binding registration for the photoshooting at Int. Polecamp. The amount for the shooting and possibly further pictures is to be paid directly at the shooting on site in CASH.

Photoshootings can only be booked by polecamp participants! Due to weather conditions it could be possible that the shooting will be changed 1 day earlier or later (e.g. in case of rain, etc.) and/or the location (hotel-pool) will be changed. If you cancel your shooting after booking until the 31st August, 2024 you will be charged with a cancellation fee of EUR 50,-. If you canel the shooting after 1st September, 2024 the full amount of the shooting will be charges. Furthermore detailed terms and conditions of the photographer (only available in German) apply.

Photoshooting Booking

You always wanted to capture your favourite certain tricks & moves on a picture? You would like to get a sporty, cool or exclusive pole-picture of yourself? As a special side-event of the Int. Polecamp we do offer a professional photoshooting with TKM Photography at the beach! Reserve and book the appointment for your personal shooting at an early stage!

Our services:

  • approx. 20 minutes shooting time/person either on-pole (X-stage) or off-pole

  • selection of the best pictures by the photographer

  • you choose your favorite pictures, which will be processed with photoshop

  • you get your pictures as JPG within 6-8 weeks after your shooting as download-link

  • We will schedule the exact time and inform you early enough by e-mail

  • Our tip: Think about the tricks and moves you´d like to show and the outfits you need, already at home


Sporty, cool or classy photos

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