Yes, I want to take part and herewith enrol for International Polecamp 2018 in Bibione (binding registration).

Please choose your desired date, room category and then complete all fields. In order to assure smooth processing and a speedy check-in we will prepare a pre-check-in for the hotel. That’s why it is important that we get all the personal details (ID card number, date of issue, place of birth and date of birth) of each participant! Please notice if you would like to be "group A" or "group B", too.

When you have completed all fields, accepted the terms and conditions and clicked on BOOK NOW, you will see a message ‘booking was successful’ on the same page. If you keep seeing only the booking form, there is some information missing somewhere on the form! You will receive the binding invoice or receipt from us within a maximum of 5 working days via email in PDF format. For your booking the prices effective on the booking date apply.

If you have no room partner and you want to share a room, choose "one person (single room)" and write in the field "Miscellaneous" necessarily following message: "Shared Room, solo participants." All details for solo participants can be found here.

IMPORTANT TIPP: To avoid cancellation fees in case that you have to cancel (i.e. illness), we urgently recommend that you take out an insurance at your local insurance agent!

Miscellaneous Miscellaneous (e.g. Group A or B, extension nights, name of companions, etc.)

Please check your entered data once again, before you click "book now"! All inputs must be filled in correctly, and you have to agree the terms!