Group Yoga Classes

These group classes are taught in Hatha Yoga format. Hatha Yoga is all about creating balance between opposites. "Ha" means sun and "tha" means moon. This is a standard practice of yoga and can range anywhere from 45 to 75 minutes depending on what is needed. ​I have public Hatha Yoga classes every Friday at Retro Fitness Fairlawn 6:30 PM and then again Saturday morning at 11:30 AM. ​Inquire to hold your own group class.

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is perfect for anyone who feels as though the standard physical practice is too trying for their bodies. Done in a chair and in standing positions, chair yoga is full of gentle stretching and strength building to improve mobility and balance. These classes are done in a private group setting. Great for senior programs and public libraries. Prices vary. To book a session or learn more, inquire within. Check Schedule for upcoming classes.

Stress Relief and Meditation

Stress is something that everyone experiences. These classes are done in a private group setting and are perfect to do with friends or in work environments.

Yoga for Kids

Yoga is great for improving mental stamina, balance, stability, strength and flexibility. This is a custom and private practice based off the coaches preferences. A booking of this session includes a free consultation to assure all the needs of the team, coach and athletes are met. Class length is 45-75 minutes and pricing varies. Inquire within for more details.

Yoga for Team Building

This session includes an introduction to yoga, but it comes with a twist. Once warmed up, this class will start to use basic partner poses to build better communication amongst co-workers, classmates and teammates. This session is done in a private group setting and can be done with any ages. For pricing details and scheduling, inquire within.

Glow in the Dark Yoga

This is a Master Class that includes black lights, glow in the dark paint, glow sticks and good vibes. These classes are so much fun to be apart of because the dark environment and the paint allow people to open up and move freely in their bodies. This is a guided class like any other, but the structure is not strict and mostly allows the student to find what feels good and run with it. These classes are done monthly at Retro Fitness in Fair Lawn, NJ but are available to be held any closed room. Ask about how I can host one at your facility! mauiyogawg@gmail.com

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